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Ditch That Unreliable DVR and Get High-Quality Audio/Video From Your Security Cameras On Your Phone

As you know, Hammer Technical Services is constantly looking for new services to improve our offerings to our clients.

The newest service we are offering is called VideoLoft, a cloud-storage solution for your security camera systems. A small device is connected to your network and it talks to any and all camera DVRs that may be on the network. The camera feeds are captured, encrypted, and uploaded to VideoLoft’s secure cloud. This means you don't have to by expensive new camera equipment or upgrade your current DVR. With the addition of VideoLoft, you can effortlessly access your cameras from anywhere using their super fast mobile app. If the Internet connection is lost, there’s nothing to worry about! The devices will record to their internal storage for later upload.

If your cameras are IP (connected directly to a network switch), you could actually eliminate the onsite DVR entirely. This could save you space in your office or home and get rid of that old pile of hardware that only works if you don't touch it. Depending on the model, the VideoLoft device can handle 8, 16, or up to 64 cameras/channels.

A mobile app is pared with your smart phone to view the camera live feeds. The feeds are recorded in short, motion-activated clips. These clips can be shared directly from your phone via text message or email so you no longer have to connect to your DVR and clip videos segment by segment. You can access your cameras from anywhere and get instant alerts when events are detected. This helps you respond quicker when to security alerts and makes it easier to provide footage to law enforcement if your home or business is broken in to.

VideoLoft is an amazing product that has revolutionized the way our customers are protecting their homes and offices. Contact us today for more information: (830) 765-2812 or email us at

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