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About Us

     Hammer Technical Services is the leading provider of IT services to non-profit organizations in the San Antonio and Hill Country area. We specialize in support for foster care and adoption agencies and churches. Our years of experience supporting foster care and child placement agencies means that we understand how your business works, what programs and systems you use, and the unique challenges you face. And as for the churches; our CEO, Kerry Hammer, has pastored a church for more than twenty years. If we don’t know what your church or church school needs, who does?

     Our CEO, “Big Kerry”, got his start in IT in the 1980s. One of the original computer hobbyists, he got his first technology job as a database manager in Houston. Once he, his wife, and their 4-day old daughter moved to San Antonio in 1996, Big Kerry began his almost 20-year career as an IT Site Supervisor and Communications Specialist.

     Big Kerry started Hammer Technical Services out of the back of his 1999 Toyota Corolla in 2005. He managed as a one-man shop until, at the age of 15, “Little Kerri” became his apprentice. Together they have worked in 18 states, doing everything from pulling cable on 30ft lifts to setting up monitors in pediatric doctor’s offices. Starting with freelance break/fix work, the Kerry/i’s have built Hammer Technical Services into a fast-moving, dynamic IT Service company. Their wide range of skills and experiences allow them to overcome or avoid obstacles that would leave others stymied. Plus, they never run out of crazy stories to tell.

     As a pastor and pastor’s family, the Kerry/i’s are service-minded and people-focused. They love their work and they love being able to participate in many charitable endeavors by helping bear some of the administrative burden for non-profits. Hammer Technical Services allows non-profits to better fulfill their respective missions by handling the complexity of Information Technology in today’s rapidly changing world. Rather than presidents or pastors being forced to muddle through on their own, Hammer Tech works side-by-side with non-profit CEOs, pastors, and presidents to tailor custom solutions to individual needs, ease administrative burdens, reduce cost and complexity, and project the organization’s integrity and reputation.

     By partnering with Hammer Tech, non-profits can enjoy a central provider for all their IT needs; we coordinate your technology, communications, compliance, physical and cyber security, and managed service needs. Handling all your “technical difficulties” through a central provider, you can eliminate confusion, streamline technological processes, and secure significant cost savings.

Our Leadership

Kerry Hammer.jpg

Kerry Hammer​

Kerry has been an IT pro since the 1990s. He has directed corporate IT departments, managed medium- and large-scale IT infrastructure upgrades, and has worked to remain continually on the cutting edge. He is an Agile certified and Scrum Master Project Manager, as well as the senior tech and founder of Hammer Technical Services.


No, that's not a typo. "Kerri with an I" has been her father's number one tech since she was old enough to hold a screwdriver. Working first as Big Kerry's apprentice then as a solo tech, Kerri has more than eight years of field experience. She holds a B.S. in Information Technology - Network Management and is A+, Network+, Project+, Linux+, Security+, and MCSA certified. 

Follow TheFieldTechLife for a glimpse into Kerri's adventures.

Kerri (Hammer) Rauch

Where has Hammer Tech Provided IT Services?

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